Necrontyr Dice Tower and Tray


Necrontyr Dice Tower and Tray set


3d printed Necrontyr Dice Tower and Tray set for tabletop wargaming

Design by 3DAlienWorlds. We are an authorized licensed reseller of these designs.

A coffin-shaped dice tray themed to match the Necrontyr range, with an optional small dice tower that can be removed as required.

The dice tray is 210mm long, 150mm wide and 27mm high, and can also be used as terrain in your games. The dice tower body is 120mm tall, with a variety of tops to choose from. This dice tower has been designed with 16mm dice and smaller in mind, and also includes a small space for an LED light inside.

  • Dice tray base
  • Dice tray wall
  • Dice tower
A choice of 5 tops is included:
  • Plain pyramid top
  • Engraving pyramid top
  • Flat top
  • Necrontyr symbol top with cut-out
  • Standing crystal top with cut-out
* Necron warrior model and dice not included.
* LED is not included.


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