Necrontyr KillTeam Arena


Necrontyr KillTeam Arena set


3d printed Necrontyr KillTeam Arena set for tabletop wargaming.

Design by 3DAlienWorlds. We are an authorized licensed reseller of these designs.

A Necron-inspired set of themed scatter terrain, designed to match the dimensions of the Kill Team: Arena game/expansion by Games Workshop.

  • 5 Doorways (double-sided, W50mm x H65mm)
  • 2 Regeneration Sarcophagus (open and closed lids included, approx W80mm x H30mm)
  • 2 Plasma crates (approx W18mm x H31mm)
  • 5 Energy stacks (W17mm x H25mm)
  • 3 Long caskets (W41mm x H12mm)
  • 3 Short caskets (W28mm x H12mm)

* Necron warrior model not included. 

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Weight 16 oz


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