Necrontyr Warp Portal


This is a 3d printed Necrontyr Warp Portal set for 28mm wargaming


3d printed Necrontyr Warp Portal set for tabletop wargaming

Design by 3DAlienWorlds. We are an authorized licensed reseller of these designs.

A Necron-inspired warp portal and dais, with a variety of ‘warp’ discs. This is a complete kit, requiring assembly (…but it’s fun!).

This piece measures approximately 240x140mm, with a height of 180mm, and the interior of the dais platform can be fitted with LED lights to illuminate the ‘cut-out’ Necrontyr symbol in the floor, or even an iPhone to give moving colors!

The kit includes two ‘warp’ discs for the gate frame, which can be removed and swapped out as required:

  • Download and glue on one of the 6 color images (PNG files included: green / blue / red / orange / purple / yellow)

* Necron warrior model not included.

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Weight 16 oz


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